Planning for Quang Binh Travel 2017

The trek to Quang Binh will bring you lots of memorable experiences through discovering famous attractions including Phong Nha – Ke Bang Cave, Thien Duong Cave, Da Nhay Beach, Nhat Le Beach, Son Doong Cave, etc,. Before officially hit the road, let’s plan for your trip with Far East Tour so that you do not miss any wonderful experience in Quang Binh. 

Quang Binh Trekking – ideal time 

Quang Binh is the land of sunlight and wind which is inherited with numerous pretty landscapes, but severe weather. In June, July and August, Quang Binh is at its peak of hot season and in March, it rains frequently which may disturbs your trek to Quang Binh. The best time to visit Quang Binh is early summer when you can freely to travel from forest to the sea without being afraid of the sunburn light or the unexpected rains.
You can find out a series of mysterious caves in Phong Nha - Ke Bang when visit Quang Binh.
You can find out a series of mysterious caves in Phong Nha - Ke Bang when visit Quang Binh.


From Hanoi to Quang Binh, you have various choices of transport. If you have enough time and want to enjoy as much beautiful landscapes as you like, you should go by the North – South train to Dong Hoi train station which takes around 11.5 hours. The price ticket is ranging from 250.000VND to 700.000VND/person, depending on quality of the seat. Moving to Dong Hoi by coach helps you to be more active about the time while airplane gives you more time to discover the beauty of Quang Binh although the fare is higher.
In Quang Binh, there are lots of provincial coaches and buses taking tourists to locations nearby tourist attractions. However, for people who are into trekking, hiring a motorbike at the price of 100.000VND to 150.000VND/day is the best option to explore this paradise.

Quang Binh trekking plan

Numerous beautiful attractions are found in Quang Binh, so it is difficult for you to discover all of them without an appropriate plan. Once arriving in Quang Binh, don’t forget to visit some world-famous attractions including Phong Nha Cave, Thien Duong Cave, SUoi Nuoc Moc Ecotourism area, Da Nhay Beach, Nhat Le Beach, Chay River and play the adventurous game called zipline.
Quang Binh is always wonderful with the natural beauty,
Quang Binh is always wonderful with the natural beauty.

Cannot-miss-specialties in Quang Binh

There are a few of simple but delicious specialties in Quang Binh which have become the typical brands that you should not ignore when coming here. Some of them can be named including Banh Bot Loc, Banh Beo, Banh Canh, soft sweet potatoes, banh xeo with violet rice, snail, fish hotpot and so on.
Discovering the beauty of Quang Binh on your own would bring you more interesting experience about a wonderful part of Vietnam.

Note: USD/VND = 22.500