What to do in Hoi An in 1 day

Hoi An is voted as one of the most romantic town with the ancient architectures from the 16th century. It was used to be a crowded commercial port with the merchants who come from China, Japan, Portugal, Netherland, India, ... Passing over several centuries, the Faifo (old name of Hoi An) still keeps on the traditional values in architectures, life style and the colors of looking. If you lost in this town in the fullmoon days, you will feel like you have entered to a fairy kingdom. All of the town is sparkling under the light of lanterns, river-side coffee shops... Besides, Hoi An always offers to you the leading street foods. Let's read this article to know "What you should know" if you have only 1 day in Hoi An.
10.00. a.m – arriving at Thanh Ha Pottery Village 
For tourists, it is a must to buy ticket to visit the pottery village at the price of 25.000VND/person. (Included car parking). You will receive a map of pottery workshops in the village and also a voucher of one of 12 animals made from pottery. 
Entering the village, almost every pottery workshops agree to allow you to try on making pottery products for free. They all sell potteries, so you can buy some as memories. There are some old men of around 90 years old in the village who remain proficiency in pottery making.
It takes you around 2 hours to visit and learn to make pottery. After the visit to Thanh ha Pottery Village, you will be hungry. We then move to Cua Dai to have lunch with seafood which is said to be cheap and delicious. 
Thanh Ha Pottery Village with the traditional products.
Thanh Ha Pottery Village with the traditional products.
12.30 Having seafood at Cua Dai
There are quite a lot of hotels and resorts at Cua Dai. However, the good food shop is a small one on the main road leading to Cua Dai Beach. This food shop is always full of customer. Fresh seafood is served here, so tourists can choose before having them cooked.
Cua Dai beach is not wonderful with emerald sea.
Cua Dai beach is not wonderful with emerald sea.
14.30. Dropping to visit Cua Dai Beach 
Cua Dai Beach is situated next to the food shop mentioned above, so you can come to relax and enjoy the beauty of the beach or have sea bath. In this beach, fresh water bathing is served for free. However, water here is quite deep, so you should not swim too far when bathing here. The special thing is that all the beaches are free for tourists.  
16.00. Back to Hoian for Phuong Bread 
Hoian Ancient town is very beautiful in the middle day of month in lunar calendar when the lantern festival takes place at night. 
Entering the ancient town, you should have your car parking outside the town as after 6pm, the town is spent for walking only. 
Before visiting the ancient town, it is a must to pay a visit to Phuong Bread on Phan Chau Trinh Street which has long been famous worldwide for the great taste bread. 
Address: N0. 2 Phan Chau Trinh Street
Visiting the shop and order 1 bread, you will be getting enough energy for the walking around Hoian Ancient Town .
Phuong Bread with very delicious taste.
Phuong Bread with very delicious taste.
17.00. Visiting Hoian Ancient Town 
The old town of Hoi An is always bewitching with the long-standing houses.
19.00. street foods in Hoian 
Some famous dishes in Hoian include Chicken rice, Cao Lau, grilled meat, compote, etc,. 
A grilled meat shop nearby a river would be an appropriate choice for you to enjoy the food and also the friendly and merry atmosphere of Hoian. 
20h00: having coffee and sightseeing on riverside 
Passing the bridge, you will arrive at the other side of the river which do not belong to the ancient town’s area but have a great view. You can pay a visit to any shop there to have a cup of coffee at the 2nd floor to talk to each other or watch people travelling under you. That would be a really amazing experience.